Sovereign Hill ‘Aura’ Print

Involvement: Creative Director, 3D Generalist & Compositing

Town Square got in touch with Cadre Pictures to produce various detailed high resolution models of almost fully formed gold objects. We were keen to get involved as it seemed like a perfect fit for the asset creation skills that Cadre excels at. Keeping in mind certain limitations we set up a tight work flow of blocking out and getting approvals before continuing with detailed sculpts.

I worked as the creative director, 3d generalist and handled compositing.
Cadre’s very talented Eoin Cannon (modeling) and Alan Do (look and shader development) did a fantastic job creating highly detailed assets.

Tools: 3d Max, Redshift & Fusion

Red Coat Final

Chinese Lanterns Final

Pick Axe Final

Big Bang Final

Red Coat Detail

Chinese Lanterns Detail

Process Example

Shader Development

Print And Outdoor